We have years of experience with PPC for the travel industry. By allowing us to manage your AdWords account, you’ll get more clicks with less of a budget.

Have you been paying lot of money to use Google AdWords and it just doesn’t seem to work? maybe you don’t even have AdWords set up yet because it all seems too confusing. In the former case, we can optimise your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) strategy so that you are getting the results that your budget deserves. In the latter, we can get you up to speed with what AdWords is, what you need to do and what we can do to help you. Google AdWords is one of the best ways to obtain leads for your business. It’s really as simple as just paying for each click (referral) you get to your site. It’s usually best to set it up so that you have web visitors going to the money page (product page) of your site, and making it so that they are directed there at the very time that they are ready to make a purchase, so it differs from SEO in the sense that your target consumer isn’t doing research, but may be ready to buy the product or service right now.

If you’re completely new to the process, don’t worry, we’re experts at this. We can identify the keywords you should be using, set a budget and help you get the leads you want at the right price per click.
Only needing a part-time ad operations person? Have too much work for one trafficker but not enough for two? Or have a full team but need to manage your teams capacity and minimize burn out? Perhaps you don’t want to take on any full time staff…

Whatever your needs, Andaman SEO offers a comprehensive suite of ad operations services which can be scaled in order to meet your needs. With our team of dedicated and experienced ad operations executives on the job, we work to ensure that your campaigns launch on time and without errors.

  • Outsourced Ad Ops
  • Gap fill trafficking
  • Campaign Management
  • Rich Media
  • Discrepancy reports
  • Creative testing
  • Tag testing