SEO Strategies for travel industry

Smart and Strong SEO Strategies for the Travel Industry

We live in a world where any information can be accessed almost instantly. Businesses must evolve to stand out in the digital marketplace or risk irrelevance. The highly competitive travel industry is no exception. Well over 78% of Britons book their vacations online and this is indicative of an overwhelming global trend that is skewing[…]

How to Track Dynamic Thank You Pages on Google Analytics

1. Choose the template “Contact Us” 2. Write Goal Description Name your goal and choose “Destination” goal type. 3. Goal Details In goal detail choose “Begins with” End Result Now you can track any conversions that begin with /thank-you, whether they are a simple one (such as or a more dynamically generated one (such[…]

Tackling the Top 5 Misconceptions About SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be quite confusing for those unfamiliar with what it is and how it works. It is a complex discipline that has a primary purpose of growing your content’s visibility through improving rankings, generating traffic, and increasing your awareness in non-paid search engine results. SEO can encompass anything from what words[…]