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Andaman SEO is a company dedicated to helping those in the travel and tourism industry get more bookings. We use Google to get more people to your website.

Online Reputation Management

We can take a top-down look at your whole online strategy, helping you to create a holistic approach to your brand and they way it is perceived online. Working on the fundamentals of each aspect, we can help you to create a balanced strategy that will have you getting serious exposure.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation, helping businesses to dominate the search rankings on Google. If you’re not on the top of Google, you not in front of the eyes of your potential customers.

Social Media Management

Turning pages views and ad clicks into actual sales. We can have a look at how your potential targets are interacting with your online media and determine the best strategy to capture them as loyal customers.


There’s a variety of ways we can do this. Perhaps it’s online advertising that’s going to give you your best shot. Or maybe you need some organic SEO to give your pages a boost in Google.
And if you’re getting a bad rap online, we can assist with online reputation management.

Whether you’re trying to drive more traffic to your site or trying to build your brand online, we have the tools and the expertise to see your project through. With a team of expert link builders, Humantraffic offers you performance-drive results. Are you hanging way down on the 5th page of Google? Trust us, with the right strategy, it takes barely any time at all to shoot to the top half of the first page. And position no. 1 is never too far away, if you’re willing to stick with us. Have you been trying to manage your own AdWords campaign? You’re probably headed in the right direction, it’s a great marketing tool, but you really need to place your AdWords management into the hands of expert search engine marketers, like the crew at Humantraffic. If you’re wanting to get more bang for buck, drop in for a chat. Just as you have a reputation to protect within the business community, there is also a reputation to protect in the online world. The consumer has power now, and with their keyboards they can damage your company, we can create campaigns to balance out the negative word of mouth surrounding your company and turn things around performance driven.

Digital Marketing for the Travel Industry


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We are a digital marketing firm. We bring with us many years of online marketing experience, there is no issue in the world wide web of marketing that we can’t address.